Essays and Koans

Sometimes Aikido helps you. Sometimes your Aikido helps others. Have you had any experiences where, through you, your Aikido provided something positive to someone. Share those stories here!

Aikido leads many people into ways of thinking that should be shared with others. One good way to share ideas is to express them through writing. This page will be used to publish articles that students of our dojo wish to share. Some of these articles and essays may be originals from our students, others ones may be things which a student has read that has made a significant impression on them.

Some of the stories included here will be koans. Koans are literal puzzles similar to parables. A koan is a tale intended to make the reader think and rethink. The koan form differs from a parable in that koans do not deliver one particular moral to a story but try instead to lead the reader to determine the meaning of the story in their own life’s context.