The Dojo

Aikido Class at Ke Rei Shinkan

Our dojo is a community of friends. We are parents, students, and teachers helping each other to learn.

This dojo was established on 02/02/2002 and opened on March 1st. 2002 by Louis Perriello and John Dore. The success and vitality of our dojo exists only because of the wonderful previous efforts and current daily work of many friends and students.

This dojo intends to provide Aikido instruction to interested adults and children regardless of the student’s physical capabilities. All individuals carry their own strengths and limitations. Northeast Aikido¬†wants to offer students an opportunity to improve themselves using the study of martial arts as the vehicle to achieve their goals.

Each student will work at his or her own pace and should avoid comparing themselves to their peers. The motto for our dojo is one of O’Sensei’s favorite sayings: “Agatsu, Migatsu” (i.e. The best victory is the victory over one’s self.) Work on daily self-improvement.

Remember that our dojo is a community and you are practicing with friends. Care for your partner. Practice hard each and every class you attend and remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that your partner can and wants to practice again tomorrow. Help each other learn. Aikido is a remarkable art that can influence and shape your life deeply. I hope that you find as much benefit from it in your life as I have in mine.