Welcome to Northeast Aikido

We are a traditional Aikido dojo. “Aikido” is a comprehensive martial art based on ancient Japanese Tijutsu, Jujutsu and Aikijujutsu, the classical martial art of the samurai. In its physical form it is a system of throws, joint-locks, striking and pinning techniques, which is coupled with traditional Japanese weapons such as the sword knife and staff.

Aikido focuses on a path of internal self-development, of spirit mind and body as a way to refine ones martial technique. It is this internal development that enhances ones ability to follow an opponents movement and intention and that allows development of a true defensive art, one that does not rely entirely on physical power. But instead focuses on perception timing and body movement. On an ability to respond accurately and precisely. This gives way to a path of defense based on harmonized movement and a form of defense that can transcend violence and conflict and provide a means for a practitioner to prevail regardless of strength and size

This on going personal development of Aikido not only enhances ones ability of defense but also provides a path of growth and personal development, a way to connect and harmonize with our environment. As such, Aikido is one of the most widely practiced Budo martial arts in the world.

Our classes are led by highly ranked qualified instructors that have about 20 to 35 years of experience each. The dojo is well equipped with the latest in new mats to provide a safe facility for martial arts training. We encourage new students to progress at their own pace. In a manner that is comfortable for them. The training starts with basic body movement and exercises to promote the development of rolling and tumbling, typically with individual instruction. Students work in with the regular group when they are comfortable with the rolling. Training then progresses on an individual basis. Everyone is encouraged to progress at their own pace.

Our dojo was founded by Perriello Sensei who was one of Kanai Shihon’s four very first students. Perriello Sensei was practicing Aikido and Judo prior to Kanai Shihons arrival to the US in the early 60’s. He then practiced under Kanai Shihon. Eventually Kanai encouraged him to start his own dojo in the early 80’s. This is where Sensei Dore and Sensei Wood received the core of their training starting in the mid 80’s. In early 2000 Perriello Sensei opened Methuen Aikido. The dojo then moved and changed names to Northeast Aikido / Ki Rei Shinkan. When Perriello Sensei became I’ll he passed the dojo onto Sensei Dore and Wood.

Perriello Sensei spent many years demonstrating the practicality of Aikdo to highly ranked martial artists of many different non Aikido disciplines. He made it clear through demonstration and practice that Aikido in its true form is a functional martial art that provides effective defense without the need for excessive violence. Also, that as an internal art, it takes a dedicated commitment to reach this goal. At Northeast Aikido, we are dedicated to teach and promote Aikido in this manner and to provide an on going service to help students along their path.

The dojo is known by it’s domestic name Northeast Aikido and also by its Japanese Ki Rei Shinkan. Which means school of courteous inner strength. This Japanese name acts to remind us of our fundamental goal of internal development which is so fundamental to Aikido.

To inquire about membership please contact Mike Wood or Erol Guven via phone, or email, or you can contact us through our web site, or leave a message on our Facebook page. Or, even better, just stop in and say hello. We are always open to inquiries and new students.

Northeast Aikido is located at;
326 South Broadway Rt. 28 (unit L)
Salem NH 03079

Phone: (617) 233 8716 or (207) 415 -5219
email: woodm528@yahoo.com
Web site: aikido-dojo.org