Welcome to Northeast Aikido

Aikido, is a practical martial art focused on defense, and control. It provides for scale-able defense suited toward a modern way of life. With many day to day benefits. We welcome inquiries and always look forward to meeting visitors and answering any questions you might have.

Over 20 years ago, Sensei Lou Perriello and Sensei John Dore opened Methuen Aikido. A decade of growth evolved the school and its membership greatly. Our dojo then moved to Salem NH and become Ki Rei Shinkan (school of courteous inner strength), an Aikido club established by members who were former students at the Methuen Aikido dojo. We are now Northeast Aikido again established by members who were former students. Students some of which practising together as a group for over 30 years. Our dojo is well equipped, safe facility for martial arts training in Aikido.

Each training session is led by one of our most experienced members. Each of them have practiced and taught Aikido for many years.

To inquire about membership please contact the club leadership via phone (978) 272 2019 Mike Wood or Erol Guven or contact us on the web here.