March, 2018 – Test Results

Test Results
March, 2018

Nathan Lafontaine 4th kyu Pass

Lewis Pereira 4th kyu Pass

Eric Kennedy 6th kyu Pass

Eric demonstrated his techniques well. As this was his first time testing, he should be congratulated for the confidence as well as the technical proficiency he portrayed during his test.

During the testing, the test committee had Nathan and Lewis demonstrate techniques for more than half of the third kyu test requirements over and above the 4th kyu that they were being tested for. Their performance of all the techniques was solid. Given that, we will be expecting both of them to test very soon for 3rd kyu.

May 2017 Kyu Test Results

May 2017 Kyu Test Results
It is my pleasure to announce the results of the Aikido Kyu testing done on May 18th, 2017. Here is the list of promotion:

Bart M: 7th Kyu
Ravi N: 6th Kyu
Paul C: 5th Kuy
Nathan L: 5th Kyu
Louis P: 5th Kyu
David F: 1st Kyu

Congratulations everyone! Thank you to all who assisted with and participated in the tests and to all those who helped students prepare for the test.

Our dojo has a new Shodan

Gi On Mat
It is my great pleasure to announce that our dojo has a new Shodan. Matt Noyes passed his test in CT on 7/23/16.

Congratulations Matt!


Sensei John