Welcome to Ki Rei Shinkan Aikido

Over 10 years ago, Sensei Lou Perriello and Sensei John Dore opened Methuen Aikido. A decade of growth evolved the school and its membership greatly. Today it is time to bring start a new generation of dojo.

Our dojo has become Ki Rei Shinkan (school of courteous inner strength), an aikido club established by members who were former students at the first Methuen Aikido dojo. Ki Rei Shinkan provides current members with a new, well equipped, safe facility for martial arts training in Aikido. This next generation is going to be awesome.

Each training session is led by one of our most experienced members. Each of them have practiced and taught aikido for many years.

To inquire about membership please contact the club leadership via phone (207)415 Р5219, email Mike Wood or contact us on the web here.